44. I’m excited my exam. a. from b. about c. for
45. She’s the aunt in the world!
a. cool b. fantastic c. best
46. What going to eat?
47. They are to Japan next month.
a. going fly b. flying c. fly
48. How is this cap?’ ‘£5.’
a. much b. many c. a lot of
49. Where did you that ?
a. saw b. see c. seen
50. They at the hotel, last week.
a. didn’t see her b. can’t see her c. weren’t see her
51. You should different trousers.
a. wearing b. to wear c. wear
52. We stayed a really nice hotel next to the beach.
a. at b. on c. by
53. My parents bought a new car last weekend. I really like my car.
a. parents’ b. parents c. parent’s
54. This food is unhealthy.
a. much b. enough c. too
55. Would you like a birthday party?
a. having b. to have c. have
56. A: Where are you going? B: I am going to buy .
a) a bread b) a loaf of bread c) some breads d) breads
57. A: What ? B: She’s writing a letter.
a) does she do b) she is doing c) does she d) is she doing
58. John tennis once or twice a week.
a) usually plays b) is usually playing c) is playing usually d) plays usually
59. you open the window, please?
a) could b) shall c) may d) must
60) There wasn’t speaking French at the conference.
a) somebody b) everybody c) nobody d) anybody
61) They would like food but they haven’t got money.
a) any / some b) a few/some c) some/any d) any/a few
62) We are so we are singing .
a) sad/happily b)happy/happily c) happy/sadly d) happily/happy
63) In Istanbul there are cars but there aren’t parking lots.
a) too much/enough b) enough/too much c) enough/too many d) too many/enough.
64) If it sunny tomorrow, we on a picnic.
a) is/will go b) is/go c) was/went d) is/going
65) Don’t make a noise. The baby upstairs. She for two hours every afternoon.
a) isn’t sleeping/sleeps b) sleeps/is sleeping c) sleeps/sleeps d) is sleeping / sleeps
66) Nobody is Andy in class. He is of all.
a) strongest/strong c) stronger than/ the strongest
b) stronger/the strongest d) strongest than/stronger
67) She is because the film is very .
a) bored/boring b) boring/boring c) bored/bored d) boring/bored
68) he said was true, but believed him.
a) everything / anybody b) nothing / nobody c) everything / nobodyd) anything / everybody
69) My father finished his dinner than my sister.
a) quickly b) more quickly c) more quicker d) the quickest
70) There are apples left, ate them all.
a) a few / someone b) some / anyone c) no / someone d) much /

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