1do you go to school? 7.30. 2cat is this? Peter’s. 3is your mum? In the living room. 4is he tired? Because he works a lot. 5is that man on the bike? Mr Smith. 6is my basket? On the table. 7do you want an umbrella? Because it’s raining. 8do you go to bed? 9.30. 9is Mary? She’s my sister. 10is the milk? It’s in the fridge.

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1. When do you go to school?

2. Who's cat is this?

3. Where are your mum?

4. Why is he tired?

5 Who is that man on the bike?

6. Where is my basket?

7. Why do you want an umbrella?

8. When do you go to bed?

9. Who is Mary?

10. Where is the milk?

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