1 Write the answers. Use the words in the box.. Yes, they are. No, they aren't. No, we aren't. Yes, he is: Yes, she is. Yes, he is. No, she isn't. No, it isnt. LECT 1 Is he swimming? Yes, he is 5 Are Maya and Tom drawing? Listoning 2 Is she playing tennis? 6 Is the dog running? 3 Are they listening to the radio? 7 Is Lydia having lunch? NEWSPAPER 4 Is he reading the newspaper? 8 Are we going to the shops?

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1)yes,he is.

2)yes,she is.

3)yes,they are.

4)yes,he is.

5)no,they aren’t.

6)no,it isn’t

7)no,she isn’t

8)no,we aren’t


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