Variant-7 1.Match a sentence (1-9) with a response (a-k). Not all the responses are used. has been given. 1 You really should apologize to your parents. [ 2 My computer isn't working. Can I use yours? 3 I didn't go to the party. 4 Have you spoken to your boss yet? 5 I'm sorry, but I can't pay you what I owe you. 6 We're going out for a walk. 7 Ow, I've cut my finger. 8 Shall we eat Chinese or Italian? 9 I don't know whether to take the job or not. a For goodness' sake stop criticizing me! b There's no point. She never listens. c Never mind. Give it me when you can. d I see what you mean. It's a difficult decision. e I don't mind. You choose. f Why? I don't care what they think! g Have you? Let me have a look. h How come? Were you ill? i Hang on a sec. I'll come with you. jI bet you were. I'd have reacted the same way. k By all means. Help yourself.

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