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The best day of my life is my birthday. I have my birthday on the <<вказуєш день свого народження>> (наприклад: 25 of February). Birthday is a very remarkable day for me.

In the morning my parents come to my place and say, "Happy Birthday!". They give me presents. I enjoy to get them.

I usually have my birthday party at home. My parents and I prepare for this day. We invite my friend and relatives to the party.

I usually celebrate my birthday on Sunday. I get up early in the morning. My father and I go to the shop and to the market to buy something we need for the party. My mother stays at home. She cleans the flat, makes, cakes, lays the table and waits for the guests. I like this day.

At four o'clock my relatives and friends come to congratulate me and I'm glad to see. They bring flowers, books and sweets as birthday presents. I thank my friends. We have got a good holiday dinner on this day. Mother bring us a cake with candles on it. My friends sing the song: "Happy Birthday to you" and I blow all the candles out. During our gay party we sing songs, play guitar, dance, makes jokes, play games and speak about our life an future. After having tea we dance, watch TV and tell stories and funny jokes.

I enjoy my birthday party. My friends like this day too.

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