Слова, які треба вставити: banner demonstration march placards protest sit-in slogans

Вставити на місце пропущених слів:
Joyce Hi, Robert. Do you want to join our 1 on Tuesday? It will be a

2 against the wind farm.

Robert Is there going to be a 3 through the town, or are you going to have a 4 ?

Joyce No, we’re going to stand in Central Square and hang a big 5 in front of the Town Hall.

Robert I don’t think I can come on Tuesday.

Joyce Well, maybe you can help us to make some 6 . We’re all going to hold one. Are you any good at writing 7 ?

Маринааамурр Маринааамурр    3   31.05.2023 18:48    0

Миша75040406 Миша75040406  31.05.2023 18:49

1. demonstration

2. protest

3. march

4. sit-in

5. banner

6. placards

7. slogans

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