с двумя заданиями . Fill in the gaps with the correct particles.
Our school basketball team was looking the match with the opponents.
Mia has been looking a bigger backpack.
If you have no idea where the site is, look it in the guide book.
Steve and Jo are looking their sister's boyfriend.
Sandy looked on her new classmates, but then she liked them.
Sam is looking Barbara in the garden.
Look on me when you're in the city.
Helen and Adam should look their grandparents.
The landlady asked us to look her dog while she was away.
Never look if you want to be happy.
George, look ! The bus is coming!
The doctor looked again yesterday.
Nancy looked on James.

Read the sentences and put the verbs into the correct form.

Alex needed (to borrow) some money, so he decided (to ask) Henry.
Fred's grandpa wasn’t able (to look after) himself anymore, so Fred started (to look after) him.
If Sarah doesn’t remind Pam (to phone) her brother, she’ll forget about it again.
The joke was really funny. I couldn’t help (to laugh) at it.
Ted wanted (to apply) for a part-time job, but Ann persuaded him (to do, not) it.
Are there any disadvantages of (to ride) a bike to work?
My favourite baseball team lost the game despite (to play) well.
Everybody was sure it was a difficult problem (to solve). (to have) an electric kettle enables you (to boil) water quicker.
Did you get into trouble for (to be) late ?

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