Reported Speech 1)Ann said "I can't play the piano".
2)Peter said "I will phone you tonight"
3)Mary said "I don't like hot weather".
4)Mark said "My mum doesn't like it when I come home late".
5)Mike said "John will arrive at 6 p.m."
6) Henry said "You look beautiful"

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raysat2 raysat2  31.05.2023 06:06

Ann said that she couldn't play the piano.

Peter said that he would phone you tonight.

Mary said that she didn't like hot weather.

Mary said that her mum didn't like it when she come home late.

Mike said that John would arrive at 6 p.m.

Henry said that I or we (тут все по выбору так как английском нету разделение между меня и мы) looked beautiful


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