Read the text. Choose the right word Example:

An American made the first film over one hundred and twenty years ago.

He filmed a horse (1) … was running very fast. The early films were all about one minute long. They were black and white, of course, and there was (2) … sound. The films were often funny and showed things like people falling (3) … or running to catch a bus.

A hundred years ago, business people opened the (4) … cinemas. It was very cheap to watch a few films. Sometimes somebody (5) … a piano while people watched. Often these cinemas were very dirty and there were (6) … insects in the seats!

In the 1930s they started to make films with sound. It was very exciting for people to (7) … the actors speak for the first time. A few years later people made films (8) … colour. This was also very exciting.

Today many of the new cinemas are very big and (9) … ten or fifteen films to watch on any evening. A lot of people also watch films on TV and many people buy DVDs so they can watch their favourite films (10) … home.


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