Present Perfect, Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple или Past Continuous. 1. They (to go) to the Hermitage last week. 2. They (to be) to the Hermitage twice this week. 3. After school yesterday he (to come) home, (to have) dinner, (to read) an article from the latest magazine and (to begin) doing his homework. 4. When your friend (to return) from the south? — She (to return) yesterday. — You (to go) to the station to meet her? — No, I..., I (to be) too busy. 5. With whom you (to discuss) this question yesterday? 6. I (to see) this film this week. I like it very much. 7. When I (to enter) the kitchen, I (to see) that my mother (to stand) at the table and (to cut) some cabbage. She (to cook) dinner. 9. As soon as I (to see) him, I (to understand) that he (to work) hard. He (to write) something and (not to notice) anything. 10. When I (to come) home yesterday, the children (to run) and (to sing) merrily. «We (to learn) a new song!» they cried. 12. It (to rain) hard when I (to leave) home yesterday, so I (to return), (to put) on my raincoat and (to start) again. 13. Your brother (to return) from the north? — Yes, he (to come) a few days ago. 14. You (to be) to the Crimea? When you (to be) there? — I (to be) there in 1993. 15. Where (to be) your brother? — He just (to come) home. He (to take) a shower in the bathroom now.

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1. They went to the Hermitage last week. Past Simple ( last week). 2. They have been to the Hermitage twice this week. Present Perfect( this week- были, но на этой неделе). 3. After school yesterday he came home, had dinner, read an article from the latest magazine and began doing his homework. Past Simple - действия происходят быстро, одно за другим, вчера). 4. When did your friend return from the south? She returned yesterday. Did you go to the station to meet her? No, I didn't. I was too busy. Past Simple ( when; yesterday). 5. With whom did you discuss this question yesterday? Past Simple.6. I have seen this film this week. Present Perfect ( this week). I like it very much. 7 . When I entered the kitchen I saw that my mother was standing at the table and cutting some cabbage. She was cooking dinner. ( После when- past Simple, дальше- past Continuous - действие длилось в тот момент, когда его увидели). 9. As soon as I saw him I understood that he was working hard. He was writing something and didn't notice anything. Past Simple, Past Continuous. 10. When I came home yesterday, the children were running and singing merrily. " We have learned a new song!" they cried Past Simple, Past Continuous. 12. It was raining hard when I left home yesterday, so I returned, put on my raincoat and started again. Past Continuous (до when), потом- Past Simple- события в происходят одно за другим). 13. Has your brother returned from the north? Present Perfect, не указано, когда произошло действие - интересует результат. 14. Have you been to the Crimea? Present Perfect - не указано, когда. When were you there? I was there in 1993. Past Simple ( when, 1993). 15. Where has your brother been? Present Perfect - не указано, когда был. He has just come home. Present Perfect - just. He is taking shower in the bathroom now. Present Continuous - действие происходит сейчас, в момент речи.


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