Past or Present Perfect Tense - Simple form

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Відповідь: 1. The weather has been awful in the past few days.

2. We have washed the dishes. They’re clean now.

3. Has your course started yet?

4. Emma packed her suitcase last night.

5. They have closed the factory. – Really? When did that happen?

6. Shall we play tennis? We haven’t played since we were children.

7. The airplane has landed. The pilot is just getting out.

8. Prices have gone up. Everything is more expensive this year.

9. I’m tired. We have walked 10 miles.

10. The Queen arrived in an RAF helicopter last night.

11. How long has Vicky had that camera? – For about a month.

12. We have just come back from our holidays.

13. You parcel has arrived. The postman brought it two hours ago.

14. He’s been at his computer for two hours.

15. We lived there for ten years but we’ve been in Birmingham for the last two.

16. We haven’t had a party for ages.

17. My sister’s car is only a year old but she has already crashed it.

18. Dinosaurs roamed the earth millions of years ago.

19. It hasn’t rained yet today.

20. Did you see last week’s magazine? - It must be here somewhere.


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