Какие серьезные изменения произошли с вами за три года

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ayperi2 ayperi2  10.08.2022 06:00

We all agree that people change over time but sometimes those changes can be so radical you wouldn't have believed them if they haven't happened to you. Three years ago I was a shy little girl (boy), who never thought she (he) could achieve her (his) goals. I was a bit introverted and not confident at all. I didn't like this and knew I needed to change. In just three years I forced myself out of my comfort zone so many times I turned into an overly optimistic extrovert, who believes in herself (himself) and her (his) goals. I participated in many youth conferences and programs and met a bunch of open-minded individuals, most of who became my friends. I met my three best friends during these three years as well. I volunteered for a bunch of organizations and helped my community. In the end, I strongly believe that if you really want to change and improve your life, with some will power and forcing yourself out of your comfort zone, there's nothing impossible in this world.

P.S. Hope this is enough words. If you need more or have any questions, feel free to ask them here. I'll be happy to help. Have a wonderful day!

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