III. Is the sentence true or false? 1. The boy's name is Jamie. He is 11 years old. a) True 6)False 2. The boy is from the USA. 6)False a) True 3. Annette is his aunt. a) True 6)False 4. The pupils in the school wear school uniform. a) True 6)False 5. Classes start at 9.30. a)True 6)False 6.His favourite lesson is PE. 6)False a) True 7.He eats lunch in the school canteen with his friends. a)True 6)False 8.Anghara has got ham, salad, sandwiches, an apple for lunch. a) True 6)False 9.After lunch children have school clubs. a) True 6)False 10. The third lesson is science. a) True 6)False 11.It's 1.15. It's time to go home. 6)False a)True 12. The end of the school day is at 3.15. a) True 6)False 50

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