Grammar reference nit 1 ast simple question forms (review) (Pupil's Book page 13) Where did he go? Did he hide in the wardrobe? Yes, he did. Was it scary? Yes, it was. erb+ing (Pupil's Book page 14) I love skateboarding. I don't mind surfing. Write the sentences and questions. Then write the answe Yes, we did. Neither do 1. So do I. No, they weren't. Yes, we were. He went to the beach. 1 enjoy / Mary/horse-riding / doesn't. Mary doesn't enjoy horse-riding. 2 Did/in a hotel? / stay / you 3 love/ skateboarding. /1 4 they / near the volcano? / Were 5 did/he/Where/go? 18 6 near the lake? / you / Were Grammar reference Workbook pages 11-12 Neither d

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