Give 30 point. Please help me.

questions 379-400

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379. My boyfriend won a prize.. Present Simple ( last month).

380. ...because he had never flown before. Past Perfect.

381. ...what time it is by your watch.

382. Where else can this film be seen? После can+ подлежащее + сказуемое.

383. .. wasn't...

384. . and he is still working hard.

385. .. but we haven't eaten so far today.

386. .. as soon as I make a final decision.

387. ...was still cleaning the house when her husband came. Past Continuous, Past Simple.

388. Mike sometimes stays in bed untill ...Present Simple, к сказуемому + s, так как подлежащее- 3-е лицо единств.числа ( Mike= he)

389. ...I have ever read. Present Perfect( ever)

390. . .since he came .После since пиши Past Simple.

391. Though she was tired she checked... Past Simple (last night)

392. ...he had been robbed in the street. Past Perfect - действие произошло раньше, другого действия в : сначала его ограбили, позже он сообщил полиции.

393. ...if he passes the exam. После if -Present simple, хотя основная часть предложения -в будущем времени.

394. ...if they were waiting for him. Согласование времен.

395. ...he had lost all his money. Согласование времен.

396. If it doesn't rain this evening ... Все предложение относится к будущему, после if пишем present Simple.

397. ...he will have spent all his money. Future Perfect.-действие уже пройзойдет, в будущем, до конца отпуска ( by...)

398. . .he hasn't finished cooking yet. Present Perfect ( yet)

399. No, the children are sleeping in the next room. Present Continuous, действие происходит именно сейчас, в момент речи.

400. ...she went out without...- Past Simple.


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