Date: The type of the work: Testing Aim: To test grammar materials of the IV term 1. She likes A) run 2. John C) running D) run B) to run his bicycle every day. B) rides C) riding D) to ride A) ride 3. ... play guitar all the time. A) She B) He C) They D) It 4. How many seasons are there in Uzbekistan? A) 3 B) 4 C) 5 D)2 5. We went to the hotel ... taxi. A) on B) in C) at D) by 6. We can play snowballs in A) autumn B) spring C) summer D) winter 7.School year begins in A) autumn B) spring C) summer D) winter 8. Teacher's day is celebrated in in Uzbekistan. A) November B) September C) October D) March 9. Polar bears are ... long. A) 2 m B) 3 m C) 4 m D) 5 m 10. Polar bears live in ocean. A) Indian B) Atlantic C) Pacific D) Arctic 11. The little polar bears live with their parents for B) 2 years C) 3 years D) 4 years 12. Who teaches polar bears to swim? B) their father C) penguins D)sharks monkeys. D)for A) a year A) their mother 13. All children like playing B) on ... C) with A) to 14. put A) on my coat. B) out C) in D) at

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