D Ask and answer in groups. Ask for more information.
1 When someone leaves you a message on
your phone do you usually call them back
2 If you buy something online that is not
exactly what you wanted, do you always
send it back?
Have you ever lent somebody money and
they didn't pay you back?
4 When you come back after a holiday do you
usually feel better or worse than before?
When you borrow a book or a DVD from a
friend do you usually remember to give it
back? What about if you lend something to
your friends?
6 If you buy something to wear from a shop
and then decide you don't like it, do you
usually take it back?

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petrosiannikita petrosiannikita  08.08.2022 22:45
It depends. I call them back immediately if the message is urgent, and I call them back later if the message is not urgent and I'm busy.It depends. If I like it even if it's not exactly what I wanted, I keep it. If I don't like it, then I return it.No, I haven't.When I come back after a holiday I usually have mixed feelings. On one hand I feel really relaxed and ready to start studying again, and on the other hand I miss spending my days the way I wanted and not having to worry about my homework and school.When I borrow a book or a DVD from a friend, I always remember to give it back. I usually set a reminder on my phone not to forget about it in any circumstances because I myself wouldn't like if someone borrowed something and never gave it back. If I lend something to my friends, they always bring it back as well. In fact, I lend things only to the friends who are responsible and who I know for sure will bring them back.If I buy something from a shop and then decide I don't like it, I either give it to someone who likes it or take it back and get something I like instead.

P.S. Hope it was helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here. I'd like to help. Have a wonderful day!

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