Complete the text with the correct form of the words in brackets.
This is my sister. She’s (1) (tall)
than me and she’s got long dark hair. She usually wears
(2) (dress), but today she’s
(3) (wear) a T-shirt and
(4) (jean). Yesterday, her friends
(5) (invite) her to a party. The party
is on Saturday. She wants to (6)
(go), but she thinks her clothes are too old. She thinks
all her friends have (7)(nice)
clothes than she does, but I know she’s wrong.
Her clothes are lovely, and her new red
(8)(shoe) are just great!

alievafatima1 alievafatima1    3   31.05.2023 06:17    0

anyakondratenk anyakondratenk  31.05.2023 06:18

1 taller 2 dresses 3 wearing 4 jeans 5 invited 6 go 7 nicer 8 shoes.


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