Complete the radio announcement with the missing words in the correct form. The first letters are given.
'It can take time for a band to go from playing
small v
which hold only a few
dozen people to big stadiums that hold
tens of thousands, but for one band success
has come quickly. It started when The Opal
Orange's first song had great ?r_ in the media.
This resulted in the band having a hit 's
their first CD back in January. Since then, the band have
stayed in the c with all of their other songs
getting into the top 10. They've just signed a Sr_
contract with a big record company and will or
their first album in August. They're doing a number of
live 'g_
around Europe, and fans that can't
get tickets will be pleased to hear that the concerts will
be es live in cinemas. Singer Tom Bradley has
also 'a in the fantasy TV series Games of Kings
where he plays the ºp
of Prince Ludo

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