Choose the right form of the verb from the brackets. Explain your choice. 1. I... her since she was practically a little girl (did not see/do not see/have not seen). 2. It's ages since I ... you (see/sees/will see have seen/has seen). 3. "Have you got the leaflets?""They ... from the printers yet" (did not come/have not come/doesn't come/don't come). 4. His wife has a headache and... to lie down (went/have gone has gone). S. "... she long? (was... married/has... mar. ried/has been married)" "About three years, I believe". 6. My name is Georg Marvin Brush. I... two years ago from the College in South Dakota. (graduate/graduated/has graduated/have graduated). 7. I'm so sorry. I the vase. I was looking for the matches (break/breaks/broke/have broken/has broken). 8. After all, I you since you were a schoolboy (know/knows/have known/has known). 9. "The door is not locked, is it?" "No", Hugh said, "it isn't". "It for years" (is not locked/was not locked/haven't been locked/ hasn't been locked). 10. She was my husband's sister. She widow for many years and she's very well-to-do (is/was/ have been/has been). 11. "It is already a long time that you in this house-yes?" she asked. "I... always... here", he said (lives/ lived/have lived/has lived).

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Відповідь:1) have not seen

2) have seen

3)have not come

4)has gone

5) has … married

6) graduated

7) have broken

8) have known

9) hasn’t been locked

10) was

11) have lived

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