Choose the correct verbs. 1 In 2017, Ed Sheeran *played / appeared in an
episode of Game of Thrones. He bacted / played
the part of a Lannister soldier in the episode
2 Jay-Z and Bruce Springsteen are the two artists that
have signed / made the biggest recording contracts
- both $150 million. Robbie Williams is third with
a contract valued at $125 million!
3 You don't need to write / have great reviews to
bhave / make a hit single but it certainly helps.
4 The garage rock band Severe Tire Damage were
the first band to perform live on the Internet. Their
concert got/ was streamed in June 1993.
5 Pink Floyd released / sold the album Dark Side of
the Moon in 1973 and it bhas got / has been in the
charts for a total of 861 weeks - that's over 16 years!
6 In 2014, Prince did / made a live secret gig in
London in front of 75 people. In fact, legends such
as Neil Young, Jack White and Tom Waits have all
chosen to bplay/ perform small venues in the UK in
recent years.

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