Choose the correct answers to complete the sentences. 1 We ___ wait outside before school starts – it’s the rule. a has to b don’t have to c have to 2 I ___ early for school. a hardly ever am b hardly am ever c am hardly ever 3 ‘___ computers are in the library?’ ‘About twenty.’ a How many b How much c Which 4 ___ any meat in this? a There is b Is there c Are there 5 There isn’t ___ water for the children. a a b any c some 6 Would you like a ___ minutes to think about it? a few b little c lot 7 I am much ___ than I was six months ago. a fiter b more fit c fitter 8 ___ time to travel there is between March and July. a The baddest b The worst c The most bad 9 They haven’t arrived ___. a already b yet c just 10 Who’s the best swimmer ___ the team? a of b in c at

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