CAN YOU REMEMBER...? Complete each space with one word. I've worked for this company. ten years. How many films. I didn't We didn't do. at home. 4 The Sherlock Holmes books were. Arthur Conan Doyle. Quentin Tarantino made? 8 A I love Paris. B to like jazz, but now I love it. _by FILES 7&8 The doctor said that I drink too. It's very cold today. Put your coat. at the weekend. We stayed do I! coffee. 00

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I have worked for this company for ten years. How many films has Quentin Tarantino made? I didn't use to love jazz but now I love it. We didn't do homework at home. The Sherlock Holmes books were written by Arthur Conan Doyle. The doctor said that I drank too much coffee. It's very cold today. Pt your coat on.


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