Answer. Olivia's Summer holiday...
a is really expensive.
is quite expensive
isn't very expensive
1 Olivia
are re
2 There
A different holiday
by Olivia Harman
the b.
3 The a
4 Olivia
5 They
4 *** A
Who is c
She's on
1 Where
2 Where
3 Where
4 What
5 Where
I'm on a beach with my family. We're in the village
of Brancaster in the east of England. But this
summer I'm not sunbathing and my parents aren't
reading their favourite books. We're walking on
the beach and we're picking up hundreds of old
bottles! We're on a special working holiday - it's
called a volunteering holiday. We're staying with
other families in a small activity centre next to
the beach. In the mornings we work and in the
afternoons we do activities.
Today we're at the beach, but on other mornings
we work at the centre - we sometimes clean and
repair the mountain bikes there. In the afternoon
we often go by boat to a different beach and swim
in the North Sea.
It's a really good holiday. It's quite cheap and great
5 ** Ch
Olivia isn'
1 She and
at / on
2 They ar
3 They so
2 ** Read the text again. Choose the correct
At the moment Olivia is on her bike /the beach.
4 They are
5 Olivia a
1 Olivia is on holiday with her grandparents /
mother and father.
2 The holiday is in the summer / autumn.
3 Olivia is / isn't sunbathing today.
4 There are / aren't other families in the
activity centre.
5 Olivia thinks the holiday is great / terrible.
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