80 when I suddenly felt a pain in my leg. A swam
B have been swimming
C was swimming D had swum
81 Our teacher makes _ homework every day.
A US tO dO
B we do
C us do
D us doing
82 I don't mind - the party
B missed to miss miss
83 my bus so had to wait for the next one
A caught
B lost
C missed D dropped
sa he train vet. it soniv 3.25 on
A will have left
B might have left
C can't have left
D mustn't have left
85 This _ be a beautiful, unspoilt resort.
A did
B would Cused to D used
86 These biscuits are __! I won't eat them.
A ripe
B stale
C delicious D crunchy
87 The milk will go sour unless you _ it in the fridge.
A will put
B won't put C don't put D put
88 This time tomorrow, we by the sea.
A sit B have sat c be sitting D have been sitting
89 The Carpathians are a mountain in Europe.
A range
B group
D link
electricity can be produced naturally.
91 My uncle,.
wife is Canadian, lives in Toronto.
A who
B which
whose Othat
92 Mind you don't _ yourself on the hot pan.
C burn
D cut
93 If only I _ on holiday.
A was
C would be D have been
g4 t vou hacn ttalked during the exam. the
teacher wouldn't you to leave
A tell
B had told C have told D told
95 It's a very popular programme, with over 2
B producers C panels D scripts
96 He told me that there dit accident tre aay before.
A has been 8 was
97 She asked me where _ going.
Chad been Dis
98 Two men broke into the bank and _ all the money!
A stole
B mugged
C burgled Drobbed
99 Be caretul, we by those two men over there.
A are watching
b have watched
Care watched
D are being watched
100 Have vou
-your eyes checked?
A made
з done

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