5. Дополни краткие ответы на вопросы. 1. Can you play tennis?-No,——
2. Can Dennis count to 20?-
3. Can Barbara sing?- No,——
4. Can these children speak English?-Yes,—-
5. Can you help me?—-
6. Can frogs run? - No,—-
7. Can your sister drive a car? - Yes,—-
8. Can Lizzy and Jane dance?-Yes,—-
9. Can a car fly? - No,—-
10. Can your brother draw?-No,——

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Zopa43 Zopa43  06.08.2022 17:38

Відповідь:1.No,I can`t 2.Yes,he can 3.No,she can`t 4.Yes,they can 5.Yes,I can/No,I can`t 6.No,they can`t 7.Yes,she can 8.Yes,they can 9.No,it can`t 10.No,he can`t


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