5 ABOUT YOU Ask and answer the questions. 1 Is the Burj Khalifa a good place to live? 2 Would you like to live in it? Why? Why not? 3 Are there any interesting buildings in your town? 4 Is there a shopping centre in your neighbourhood? 5 How many parks are there? 6 What are your favourite places?

артур614 артур614    1   09.08.2022 09:16    0

razumovnikita51 razumovnikita51  09.08.2022 09:17
I think it's a pretty good place to live.I myself wouldn't like living in there. Burj Khalifa is in Dubai and Dubai is known for it's patriarchal society where women's rights are restrained. I want to live in a community where there are more or less equal rights.There are quite a few interesting buildings in my town.There is a really nice and big shopping center in my neighbourhood.There are two parks in my neighbourhood.My favourite places in my town are the mall, the cinema and the park.

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