3 Read the article and write a question from 2 in the correct places 1-5. Weekends in or weekends out? MEGAN KAREN MEGAN ANDY MEGAN KAREN MEGAN KAREN MEGAN ANDY Megan 'How often do you have people round for dinner? Never. But last month I ate out with friends at least five times. Karen and Andy About once a month. My husband always cooks. This weekend we're visiting friends for dinner. 2 I haven't had a quiet night in since I was a teenager! 3 Next Friday. We always have a quiet night in on Fridays. 4 Yes, of course. Sunday mornings are perfect for lie-ins! No! Lie-ins are impossible with two young children. Yes, I have. My brother lives abroad and it's cheaper than phoning. The children chat to their friends online, but I haven't tried it yet. S No, but I'm looking forward to going next week. It's my best friend's birthday. The last time I went to a club it was called a disco and I was about 18!

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