1. Match the two halves of the words. Then write the whole words below. a) his. b)bio. c) ence. d) ma
e) geo. f) th. g) dra. h) logy
i) sics. j) phy. k) istry. l) sci
m) chem n) tory. o) ma. p) graphy

2. Choose the correct answers

1. I want to work with numbers, so I need to study ...
a) biology b) math c) science

2. I want to travel to other countries, so I need to study ...
a) drama b) foreign languages c) PE

3. I want to write computer programs, so I need to study ...
a) chemistry b) geography c) ICT

4. I want to be an actor, so I need to study ...
a) math b) history c) drama

5. I want to help find new medicines, so I need to study ...
a) design and technology b) biology
c) history

3. Write the correct subject. Do not use science.
In which subject do you do these things?

1) play basketball

2) learn about rivers, mountains and oceans

3) learn about facts from the past

4) draw something then make it

5) learn about using numbers

6) study how plants grow

7) learn about space, the moon and the stars

8) learn about computers and using the internet

9) speak, hear, and write lots of new words from a different country

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1) e+p=geography

2) vi+f=sicsh

3) m+k=chemistry

4) b+h=biology

5) d+f=maths

6) g+o=drama

7) l+c=science


1) B

2) B

3) B

4) C

5) B


1) Do not

2) Science

3) Science

4) Do not

5) Science

6) Science

7) Science

8) Do not

9) Science


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