1. Have we got (any/ a little) honey jars in the fridge? 2. There (are / is) (a little / many) ice cream. 3. Have we got (any/ a few) cheese in the fridge? 4. We haven't got (a little / any) apples in the basket. 5. There are (a little / a lot of) children in the garden. 6. Sandy has got (a few / a lot of) money in the bank. 7. Almet, is there (a few / any) milk in that bottle? 8. Susan, how (many / much) bottles of apple juice (is /are) ther 9. They have got (a few / a little) cats in their garden. 10. There (are / is) (a little / many) ice cream cones in the box.

vadimsivun3 vadimsivun3    1   05.08.2022 12:34    1

biksummer23 biksummer23  05.08.2022 12:35

1 any 2is/a little 3 any 4 any 5 a lot of 6 a lot of 7 any 8 many/are9 a few 10 is/a little


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