1 Circle the correct words. Then match the words with the pictures. a Passport / Luggage is all the bags you take on holiday. b Your passport / departures is a little book with your name, photo and information about where you are from. c You use money/magazines to buy things from shops. d You read a suitcase / newspaper to see what is happening in the world. e When you are going on holiday, you go through arrivals / departures at the airport. f When your plane lands, you go through arrivals / departures. g You pack your holiday clothes into a big bag called a coin/suitcase. h Coins / Magazines are money in the shape of circles. i You can read a passenger/magazine at the airport before you get on the plane. j A suitcase/passenger is a person who travels on a plane. a CAR DEPARTURES THE DAILY Помагите за 2 выполненных заданиев

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fedorinovkirs fedorinovkirs  04.08.2022 12:29

a Luggage

b passport

c money

d newspaper

e departures

f arrivals

g suitcase

h coins

i magazine

j passenger

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